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Eric Heaton Automotive Like having a mechanic in the family


Grateful —
by albqlp
I am in the process of purchasing an automobile — via long distance, from a dealership in Cornelius, OR. So in that process I needed a knowledgable, objective individual in whom I could trust, to inspect a 2002 Ford 350 Pickup for me. After some internet searches and a quick phone call, Eric Heaton was willing to drive over from his garage, pick up the vehicle, test drive it, and give it a good solid, yet quick look-over. Thank goodness he was available to do so (and might I say, at a price nearly half what others were willing to do), as he informed me that the vehicle was less than fully sound, yet the photos and description led me to think otherwise. In this instance a couple of dollars paid to this very competent and committed individual has saved me quite a bit in airfare from Albuquerque, NM to Oregon; gas back; and obviously what it would have cost me to bring the vehicle up-to-par for needed subsequent uses.

He didn’t know me from the next guy, yet quickly did this and went the extra mile as though I was a local neighbor. I’d certainly recommend Eric (and his garage) as a man who is honestly interested in those who he provides service to. …customer service is something that you see little of anymore, but not in this instance.



A first rate shop
by Czar3333
When you want to know why the check engine light is actually on, and what is really causing that noise in your car, Heaton’s is the place to go. Mom had a wreck, with the repair work being done someplace else. A persistent rattle told her that something was wrong, but they wrote her off when she complained. She took it to Heaton’s. Eric promptly discovered that brackets that were broken from the wreck were removed, and the placed back on the car to save a buck! Thanks to Eric, Mom was refunded and drives a safer vehicle. I’ve been a customer for years since that day, and his shop has seen plenty of my vehicle’s problems. So far, there’s nothing his team can’t handle.

Excellent place to get your car fixed
by Glenn SullivanWe have taken 5 different cars to them. They work well with warranty companies to get warranty work approved.

They are honest and fair in the work they do. They have noted that some problems were just a minor fix and did not charge for them. They have also saved us money when they told us that some things we requested did not need to be done.

The required work is done at a fair price.

Our neighbor recommenced them to us and we have recommended them to friends for the last few years and everyone has been satisfied with their work.




by Jay Wilcox
I took Automotive Repair in High School. Although I passed it “Top of the class”, that was awhile ago and with new technologies come new systems that are more complex and not so easy to diagnose. I had been trying to get my car to pass emissions. I went to three shops without a clue, $400 down the drain on guess work. I needed to find a “specialist”. That is when I was told from another shop that Eric Heaton specialized in not only my car, but many makes and models. Eric used his knowledge and professionalism to get me back on the road and back to saving money on gas! Since then, he has also worked on my Grandmother’s vehicle. Its running as good as it did in 1987! I am extremely happy with the work he has done. I will look no farther!